Unique Learning Experience
Teaching / Teaching Policy

At Hacettepe University, a unique teaching approach, specialized in different scientific disciplines, is applied. This approach has its roots in scientific approach, critical thinking, and learning by doing. Professionals who are leaders in the fields of Medicine-Health Sciences, Science-Engineering Sciences, Social-Humanities who discover, question, analyze, understand and solve humanity's problems are educated at Hacettepe. The common denominator of all our programs is to graduate individuals who care for ethical values, people and the environment at the highest level, use information and technology well, are self-confident and able to express well, project-based and capable of teamwork.

At Hacettepe University, education is carried out at 3 different levels (associate, undergraduate, graduate), in 500 different programs, with more than 8200 courses opened each semester and with more than 54000 students enrolled in these courses. Our university courses are opened in many different fields such as engineering, health sciences, social sciences, conservatory, sports sciences, fine arts, science and are carried out by different methods. At Hacettepe, it is possible to collect teaching in three main areas; Medicine and Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities. Hacettepe's graduate, undergraduate, and associate degree programs structure in these three main areas are as follows.