World-Class Research University
Research / Research Policy

Hacettepe University is a world-class research university with highly competitive research, qualified education and training practices, needs-based knowledge and technology transfer mechanisms, collaborations with public and industry sectors, and international institutional relations.

Our university aims to strengthen the research-oriented university identity in line with the core values such as merit, transparency, participation, society-oriented, seeking excellence and being a pioneer, spreading entrepreneurship throughout the university, training qualified researchers, to develop the understanding and practices of social responsibility.

Research universities make an impact at the national and international level through

  • Highly competitive research
  • Quality education and training
  • Needs-based knowledge and technology transfer
  • Collaborations with industry and public sectors
  • Collaborations with international institutions

Hacettepe University is one of the leading universities in our country

  • Fulfills its responsibilities towards society by looking for excellence in research, educational activities as well as qualified health services and technology transfer activities,
  • Supports original and competitive research activities from different disciplines following its national and international visibility,
  • Contributes to the training of young researchers with qualified undergraduate and postgraduate education programs and especially strong doctoral programs in the broad-spectrum,
  • Promotes universal ethical values, academic freedom, different opinions, and approaches,
  • It announces its strategic plans and research priorities, goals and objectives, and monitors academic processes based on performance indicators.

Over the years, research policy has shifted from research priorities that have been shaped according to the personal curiosity and interests of researchers, to an understanding that prioritizes interdisciplinary studies, in line with the needs of our country, in line with academic knowledge. In this context, measures are taken to ensure the integration of research teams from different disciplines, to increase interdisciplinary studies, and to produce high value-added outputs.

The problems need and search for solutions observed during the healthcare services provided in Hacettepe University hospitals play a triggering role for interdisciplinary research conducted by researchers from the fields of medicine-health and science-engineering sciences. Hacettepe University has its research agenda, aims at international high visibility with its highly competitive and sustainable research infrastructure and research staff. To achieve this goal, it is ensured that scientific research resources are diversified and developed, and the research infrastructure is constantly improved and made more competitive. As a research-oriented university, we focus on improving our postgraduate education quality and training qualified doctoral staff by reducing our course load at associate degree and undergraduate level to increase our activities such as graduate education, research, publishing, and patents.

Research universities with their scientific contributions; The services they provide to the society also stand out with the knowledge and technology transfer they provide to different sectors through their researchers and graduates. Hacettepe University, taking into account the role of commercialization of scientific researches in the country's economy and development, is gradually strengthening the structuring of Hacettepe Technopark and Hacettepe Technopark-Technology Transfer Center (HT-TTM) to realize its research policies. Information and technology transfer activities continue to develop in the fields of medicine-health sciences and social humanities, especially science-engineering sciences, reflecting all academic disciplines.